Busy Bag Tutorial

These “busy bags” are the perfect way to keep your kids occupied while at an older sibling’s sports game, waiting in lines, at restaurants, or waiting in the doctor’s office.  It is a pack filled with 6 quart bags.  Inside those you can put crayons, markers, stickers, wiki stix, little books, puzzles, etc.  It is the perfect go-to bag to have filled whenever you have time to fill in your kid’s day.  And this is a reallllly easy beginning sewing project.


6 Durable quart sized baggies 

21 inches of webbing

2 fat quarters (I used Michael Millers Bicycles Gray, Michael Miller Bicycle Citron on one and Amy Butler Dancing Paisley LemonAmy Butler Temple Door Fresh Mint on the other)

Fusible fleece (enough for a piece 8 ½ x 20 inches)

2 inch piece of Velcro (½ inch wide)

lighter for sealing edge of webbing


1. Cut out 2 pieces measuring 8 ½” x 20” for main and lining pieces from the fat quarter and one piece  7 1/2” x 19 1/2” from the fusible fleece.

childrens busy bags

2. Iron on fusible fleece to the wrong side of main fabric following manufacturer’s instructions.

3. Cut the webbing into two 9” pieces (handles) and one 3” piece (closure strap).

4. Measure in 2 inches from each side along the short edge of the front of your main piece and place edge of each handle at the 2” mark, with raw edges of the strap and main pieces lined up, and baste in place. Repeat with the other strap at the opposite end of the main piece.

5. Sew Velcro to the 3” closure strap piece of the webbing (finish one short end by singeing it with a flame or folding under and sewing across the edge so it doesn’t unravel. Don’t worry about the other end, it will be tucked into the seam of the bag.)

sewing tutorial for busy bags

6. With Velcro side up on the closure strap piece, place in the center of the handle pieces on one end of the main piece and baste in place.

how to sew busy bag

7. Sew the other piece of the Velcro onto the opposite end of the front of the main piece in the center of the other handle piece about ¼” from the edge.

busy bag tutorials

8. Now take the lining piece, fold in half (lining up short edges) and cut it into 2 pieces.

busy bag tutorials

9. Stack all the quart baggies, lining up the bottom edges of baggies and sandwich the ends of the baggies in between the cut edges of the lining piece (right sides together). Sew across using ¼ inch seam allowance.

busy bag tutorials

busy bag tutorial

10. Now with right sides together, pin the main piece to lining piece and sew around the perimeter leaving a small hole for turning. (Careful when sewing around the edge where the baggies are by moving them to the opposite side so they don’t get caught in the seam) **Yes the lining is now ¼ inch shorter than the main piece but not enough to affect anything so just gently stretch lining to line up with the main piece**

busy-bag-tutorials (7)

11. Turn right side out and press (careful not to iron the baggies!)

busy-bag-tutorials (6)

12. Finish everything off by topstitching around the entire bag.

Then go raid your kid’s playroom and fill the baggies with fun activities your child loves to do.  Here is a great list of busy bag activities from Money Saving Mom.

busy bag tutorials

car ride boredom busters

Obviously, we are dealing with baggies here so avoid sharp objects.  Then fold and Velcro it up and take it with you whenever you need a healthy distraction for your kiddos.

busy bag DIY

busy bag tutorial

busy bag tutorials (8)

busy-bag-tutorials (9)

busy-bag-tutorials (10)

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