Credit Card Wallet Sewing Tutorial

I swear I am not a spendaholic.  I don’t even have any credit card debt.  But I do have a lot of gift cards, reward cards, business cards, sky miles cards, etc.  I know I can store some of these on an app but I just feel better having them with me.  It is probably the reason I have a paper planner still.  I am old school I suppose. Necessity is the mother of invention, right?  When my cousin saw that I had 3 different systems in my wallet to hold all these bad boys she decided to take on the task of helping me put them all in one place.  The Mega Card Holder Wallet was born – all 38 pockets of it.



The gorgeous fabric I used was Premier Prints Zoom Zoom Wonderland, Joel Dewberry Lodge Lattice Vintage Yellow, Joel Dewberry Wood Grain Vintage Yellow, Amy Butler Martini Mustard, and Amy Butler Optic Blossom Yellow.


Outer pieces (I used home decor fabric that is a little thicker): (2) 9” x 9”

Inner pocket: (2) 8” x 8” (this pattern doesn’t matter too much since you only see about an inch of it since the pockets cover it).

Outer fabric pockets: cut (3) 2 1/4” x 9” then cut (4) coordinating pieces 2 1/4” x 9”.**A short cut would be to cut long strips of 2 1/4” fabric and then cut them down to size after sewing the tops down 1/4” (we get to that part in step 3).

Inner fabric pockets: cut (6) 2 1/4” x 8” then cut (6) coordinating pieces 2 1/4” x 8”. (You can do the same short cut with these as well.)

Medium weight interfacing: 8 3/4” x 8 3/4” (to be applied to just outer main 9”x9” fabric.

Strap pieces: cut (2) 3” x 3” of main fabric

2” Velcro

1.  Attach medium weight interfacing to outer main fabric (just one of them).

2.  Take your 3” x 3” strap pieces and right sides together sew around three sides and turn right side out.  Press.  Top stitch 1/4” along those three sides.  Take 2” of Velcro and sew along the edge in an “X” pattern. Set aside.

business card wallet strap

3.  Iron the top of all pockets 1/4” and then sew down.

business card wallet

4.  With your 8” x 8” pieces, starting from the bottom and working your way up, mark 1” lines stopping 3” from the top.  Repeat with other 8” x 8” piece.

business card wallet tutorial

5.  Take the 2 1/4” x 8” pocket pieces and starting on the very top line, place the raw edge on the marked line and sew across.  With alternating fabrics, sew the next piece on the line below and repeat until the final pocket raw edge meets up with the bottom raw edge. Baste up the sides to secure pocket edges in place.

6.  Repeat with other 8”x 8” piece.  Set aside.

business card wallet DIY

fabric business card wallet

business card wallet sewing tutorial

7.  Take the non-interfaced 9”x 9” piece and repeat step 5. Now we should have three pieces covered in pockets.

credit card wallet

8.  Take the 8”x 8” pieces filled with pockets and put them right sides together lining up all the edges.  Pin and sew 1/4” along the edge leaving a hole for turning at the top.  Turn right side out.  Press.  Sew across the top line to close hole.

business card wallet


9.  We are going to repeat step 8 with the 9” x 9” pieces, but first, find the center along the right side of the piece covered with pockets. With the Velcro facing down line up the raw edges and baste in place. Now take the outer 9”x 9” piece and along the right edge, find the center, and sew in the other piece of Velcro 1″ to 1 and 1/2” from the side. If you do it closer to the edge, the flap will be too loose. Now we are ready to repeat step 8 with these pieces. Instead of just top stitching the top closed, do it all the way around as close to the edge as possible.



At this point, you have a 9” x 9” and an 8”x 8” covered in pockets.

10. Find the center of the 9” x 9” piece and draw a line with disappearing ink from top to bottom.  Measure and draw lines 1/2” to the left and right of this center line. That will leave 4″ on each side of the lines for the pockets. Sew those two lines creating the two sets of pockets.

credit card wallet diy

credit card wallet tutorial

11. Take 8”x 8” double-sided pocket piece and fold in half to find the center and draw a line. Place that center directly over the center line on the 9”x 9” piece. Sew down attaching the two together.


Voila!  Now you have a business card, credit card, gift card, reward card wallet with 38 pockets.  Rad, huh?


reward card wallet

gift card wallet

First page…

credit card wallet

Second page…

business card wallet

Third page…

business card wallet

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  1. Sweet SWEET organization. Love this!

  2. That is a crazy amount of cards! I bet if I pulled mine out of the snack size ziploc in my purse, and added it to those cards that I use most in my wallet, I could use one also! I am old school also! I would never figure out a planner on my phone–besides that takes time away from other fun stuff. I prefer to use the daily planner for the year from B & N. My husband refers to it as my “meatball notes” (??). Things can get a little messy in there but then I just transfer it to a different piece of paper for the day if I have compiled alot to do–it works for me!

  3. This is great! I keep all my rewards cards in a small zipper pouch and have to dig through it all the time. Can’t wait to make this, thanks!

  4. Jennifer Haag says

    I must learn how to sew!!! I love this project. I too still have a paper daytimer that I write everything down in:-)

  5. THANK YOU!!! I so need this pattern!

  6. Thank you! I see Christmas gifts with this pattern plus one for me! P.S. I’m still old school, too! Give me paper!

  7. That is SO cool, Beckie! Are you making a card wallet to take to Haven?

    I LOVE Online Fabric Store. They were one of my sources for fabric for my living room re-do this spring (a project that’s still not quite finished, but close!). They sent samples lickety-split, processed my order quickly, and provided absolutely wonderful prices for the product and service. I’d recommend them to anyone–glad to see you’re working with them!

  8. Love this! Is it possible to buy one from you or your cousin?!?!

    • I am so glad you like it, Michelle. Unfortunately, we are not selling them at this point. Should that change, I will be sure to let you know.

    • Becky said I can sell you one. If you really want one, I’ll make it for you. I’ll even try to color coordinate to your favorite purse. Let me know and we’ll talk specifics. Reply in my blog:

  9. This is great! thanks for sharing!!!!

  10. Kellie S. says

    Oh my goodness! This is my next sewing project!! I have a small zip bag that I made that has all of my loyalty type cards in it. It is such a pain to find the one that I want when I want it. I can’t wait to get one of these done and be able to find everything.

  11. This is AWESOME! The extra card “flaps” inside make so much sense. I do think this will be on my Christmas gift list… or maybe I’ll just start making them and giving them to strangers at stores because they’re so cool. Genius.

  12. i dont sew :(.
    can you just
    sell me one 😉

  13. Hi, I love these! Was wondering if I could make a few up to sell at a craft fair this fall? Its just me so no mass production or anything like that. I wouldn’t want to use the pattern without permission and would be happy to include your info inside. Thanks!

  14. thanks so much for the fabulous pattern!! This is going on my “must sew list” right away! =)

  15. How would you feel if I were to make just a few of these and sell them on etsy for those few blog readers of yours who want to buy one? I would give you credit for the pattern, and be pleased to be of some service. I have no intention of mass producing them, as that would make me a sweat shop worker, (my sewing room is in the attic and it’s almost 95 degrees up there!!) if you have any ideas, please email me.

  16. I just made this bad boy thanks to your genius tutorial! I added a few goodies, check it out.

  17. Hi Beckie. Thanks SOOOO much for this tutorial. I am also old school and I like to be organized in my purse. I can see some bright colours in this project as I hate to loose dark objects in the dark hole that is my purse !!! Great Xmas gift too ! Thanks again.

  18. I posted two pictures of these on my blog. It took 3 tries to get it just the way I wanted, but I’ve had no problem finding takers for my prototypes. I want to thank you for this terrific pattern. You are a genius and I’m glad to have benefited from your talent.

  19. This is great! Any idea how much fabric it calls for in total? Thanks!

  20. Fran Bott says

    Oh, this is great. Just got done making one and I love it. I used some leftover fat quarters. In total, maybe the equivalent to 1/3 of a yard of fabric. I know it was not much. Cannot beleive I have room left over for more cards. Thanks for having this cute pattern.

  21. shawanna hains says

    I am not crafty when it come to sewing. I saw this on a page that I have on facebook and this is a must have! I have so many cards from credit cards to gift cards and I have 3 wallets to hold them all. I usually do not have the right wallet with me and miss out on using the right card. Is there anyone that is willing to make me one and ship it to me? This would be a life saver! 🙂 please email me with price.

  22. I would buy one too! Does anyone sell them?

  23. Just finished one…..I love it . A birthday gift. Will be making many more.

  24. Anne Murphy says

    This just became my new wallet! I followed your instructions, but added a pocket between the home-dec fabric and the inner pockets so that I have room to store cash. This is a great tutorial!! Thank you so much!!!

  25. Wow. This is just awesome!! Thank you for such a great tutorial. I need one of these very badly. Right now I have two small ones that are overstuffed and more cards that are used more often in yet a third location. This will be wonderful to have them all in one spot. The only thing that would make this better is a spot for some cash too. Of course, cash is capable of folding and being stashed in one of the card spots.

    • I absolutely love mine, Vicki! I only carry cards in it; however, you could certainly modify the plans to add a section for bills or just fold them up like you said. 🙂

  26. Darlene Lindsey says

    I’ve made 2 of these now and I don’t know if it matters much at this point but I found a couple of oopsies in your pattern…first is on the drawn lines for pocket placement, you actually want to stop 3″ from the top edge instead of 2″. The second thing is when you draw the center line and then a line 3/4″ to either side of that line, the cards didn’t fit at all. I sewed my lines just a little less than a half inch from that center line and everything fit beautifully.
    This really is an amazing card holder and I will definitely be making more! Thank you for sharing the tutorial.

    • Thank you for bringing these to my attention, Darlene. I will definitely fix them in the tutorial. I am so glad you are enjoying your wallets. I LOVE mine!

    • Michelle Lubbers says

      I am pleased with the final project, but I too I found these “oopsies” to be true. The seam allowances (I used 1/4 or less in some places) were not mentioned here, and there wasn’t much (if any) margin for error. All of my card slots are, well, unique in size, but functional all the same. Will make again!

      • I am sorry that you had trouble, Michelle. I did allow for 1/4″ seam allowances as stated in steps 2, 3, and 8. I hope you will give the tutorial another try and let me know how it comes out.

  27. Elizabeth Barnett says

    I’m curious where you’re hiding the extra two cards … 6 pages with 6 pockets add up to 36 cards… {giggle}

    • Haha! The front and back actually have 7 pockets each (14) and the then the interior has 6 on each of the four “panels” (24). Sorry for the confusion there!

    • Elizabeth Barnett says

      so I actually followed the instructions; and finished one today! turned out great despite my sloppy sewing!!

      • Yay! I am so glad you were inspired to make your own mega wallet, Elizabeth. Isn’t it awesome?!? I love mine! And I am sure you are your own worst critic regarding your “sloppy sewing.” Keep it up, and I can promise it gets easier!

  28. I can’t sew! Would love to purchase one! Are you making any to sell?

  29. Beckie- My Mom is trying to make one of these wallets and has a question. Where it says to iron all the tops of the pockets 1/4″ and then sew down, do you mean to make a 1/4″ fold twice for a hem?

    • Hi Tess, So glad your mom is using my tutorial. I LOVE my wallet. I just folded the tops of my pockets down 1/4″, ironed them, and then sewed them. I didn’t double fold them because you don’t really see the raw edge in the pockets. (You can tell in the picture under number 6.) You could add on another 1/4″ though and double fold them if you want it to be “cleaner” inside the pocket. Let me know if that doesn’t make sense and you need more help.

  30. Patricia Polmanteer says

    I have been looking high and low in the stores to no avail and voila … here it is. I am at the final stages (my daughter is doing the hand sewing for me so she can “perfect” her ladder stitch .. and she is doing great too I might add). The next one I make (and YES.. there will be others for sure) I really think I will add a zipper to the top section in the right section. That will give me someplace to put my receipts and the occasional folding money that I have. It will be nice not having to carry around my huge purse. Thanks for the help with this issue that has been driving me bonkers.

  31. Lakesha Tillman says

    Loving this Mega Credit Card Wallet? Can you sell me one as well?

  32. Any chance I could purchase one of these from you??

  33. What a fab tutorial, I can’t wait to give it a try, I might try it using vinyl on the outside 🙂

  34. Love this but how do I print it out? My computer is not in my sewing room.

  35. Thanks for the tutorial. I was glad to see it because I thought I needed it. Made one today. I need to adjust aline or two, a couple of the pockets were a little tight. It is just too clever and I will make another one tomorrow with my sewing lines in the proper place. Thanks again for your work.

  36. Hi. Its is beautiful your 38 credit card purse. Not a crafts/sewing person. Could you make one for me? I need it for the same reason.Please e-mail me as soon as possible. I would like it wider to add check book/pen, more credit slots total of 48 and 2 clasps to hold together? Water/stain resistance? Price? Thank you

  37. I’m very excited to try this, thank you so much!

  38. I am going to attempt to make this card wallet! Is seam allowance added or do we add extra for seams?

  39. I made one and love it. I’m now making 5 more for my small group. Thank you for the pattern

  40. I’ve just completed the Mega-Wallet! It was so much easier than I previously thought. This is going to be a great Christmas gift! Thank you!

  41. I made this wallet as directed. In marking the 3″ increments, you should start 3″ down, not 2″. I made a couple of other elementary mistakes so i made another a bit smaller. Instead of cutting the card holder pieces at 9″ x 2 1/4″ and 8″ x 2 1/4″, i cut them 9″ x 4″ and 8″ x 4″, and folded those in half. It is faster and gives a straighter edge. I’ll post pics when i can.

  42. Anastacia says

    Would you sell these? How much?

  43. I’d like to buy one of these off of you. Where can I do that at? This is exactly what Im looking for. Thanks! I’d make it if I had a crafty bone in my body lol

  44. I want to do this project just don’t have time right now. Do you have a pdf that can be downloaded. Love the idea. Thanks.

  45. Hi there! I’m very excited to try this wallet pattern! I was wondering if you used home decor fabric for all the different patterns or just the outer pieces? I also would like to clarify that you used 5 different fabrics correct, it was it more? Thanks!

    • Yes, I used five for this wallet, but you could use more or less depending on how much variation in color/pattern you want. You could certainly just use whatever coordinating fabrics you have in your stash. I did choose to use the home decor fabric for the outer piece though since it was a little heavier and more durable. I’d love to hear how your wallet comes out after you make it!

  46. What a convenient card wallet for people who own a lot of cards! Great tutorial, thanks for sharing!
    I featured it on my blog today:

  47. I had a few questions! I was wondering how many fabrics you exactly used? Also did you use home decor fabric for all the different prints or only for the front of the wallet? Thanks!!

  48. Thanks for sharing this amazing tutorial
    God bless you!
    Loved making it
    Though I made a few changes but outcome was awesome

  49. Do you sell the Gift card holder

  50. Gloria Cabeen says

    This is just what I was looking for. I plan to make one today. In re the 1/4″ edge of the pocket strips, I’m thinking of zigzagging the edge first, then turning it down the 1/4″.


  51. Tried this out today. Knocked it out in no time! Super cute. Way too big for me (I don’t have that many cards, but I wanted to try the tutorial). I think I’ll modify it and make a bite sized one for my needs. The one I made will make a great gift though. Thanks!

  52. I made working on this now and what I wish was indicated throughout instructionswoukd be whether to mark on right side and when you cut out which way the fabric should go. I have some sewing skills not professional but I wondering about these things and would have liked clarification. I don’t want to see all together and then find out I had my fabric design going the wrong way. Thanks

  53. I too wanted to thank you for a great pattern and wonderful instructions! I have been looking all over for one of these!!
    God bless you!


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