Boy’s Industrial Bedroom Decor

So I have been showing you bits and pieces of Isaac’s new bedroom over the course of the last couple of weeks.  We are loving this new space for him.  It has managed to stay clean because everything has a spot and is organized.  You know that is a huge WIN when it comes to a 9 1/2 year old boy.  I wanted to show you another angle of the room.farmhouse boys bedroom

boys industrial bedroom decor ideas

In Isaac’s last room we had these amazing hanging beds. I talked Isaac into the farmhouse pallet bed with the rolling trundle bed because he is getting older and bigger and we didn’t think the hanging beds would be realistic as he gets older.  But we did get a hanging chair.  It is the IKEA Ekorre chair.  However, we found it, new in box, at a yard sale for $20 and it is an older retired color.  Isaac does his daily reading in the chair.  Keep in mind that when purchasing the Ekorre chair you have to grab the air element as well (it should be right next to the chair itself but you can buy them separately) as well as the hanging hooks.

ikea ekorre

Also the curtains are the Werna curtains from IKEA as well. They are navy blue but they are black out crutains and almost look black. They are hanging from pipe curtain rods that I made for Isaac’s old room.  I ended up purchasing cafe clips and clipped the curtains from those since you can’t really take the rods down without unscrewing them from the wall.

Many of you asked about the amazing traffic light in the corner.  I bought that for $75 at a yard sale.  I thought it was kind of pricey at the time.  But when I looked it up later they retail for over $300!

stop light in bedroom

ikea ekorre hanging chair

On that wall is the Lego table hack I made some month ago.  It is the perfect smaller Lego table to store in his room.  The superhero letters are from Hobby Lobby and the superhero print I got from Michaels when I decorated his old room.

boys farmhouse room

Finally on the other wall is his dresser, which I really want to refinish this summer. Also Isaac’s tortoise Rocky lives there.  Above the dresser is a pallet wood arrow I got from Hobby Lobby.  The little animals my husband got from Kenya for Isaac.

pallet wood arrow

Rocky says hi – with a piece of lettuce stuck to his back. HA!

rocky the tortoise

boys industrial room

So there you have it.  I think I have shown you all of his room.  I will do a final post with all the final reveal pictures.  If you missed any posts in this series click below to be taken directly to them.

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