Bow Holder Tutorial

I got this cute little hook on clearance for $.79. I thought it would be cute to hang Kayla’s bows from it. Yes she will wear bows. I hope at least. I figure if I start her when she pops out of the womb with a bow she will get used to it. (Ok maybe a few days after she pops out of the womb).

1. Tie some ribbon into a bow. I cut the end of the ribbons in a dove tail (I think that is what it is called) because I think it looks nice.

2. Then I got a large jump ring. I just had it laying around in my junk I don’t really know what size it is. But you could make you own out of a paperclip or something.

3. Next I hot glued a length of ribbon on the back of the bow. (Nevermind the ring already in place, I ended up moving it because it didn’t lay flat).

4. Now hand sew the ring in place on the back of the ribbon.

5. Of course the hook frame wasn’t the right color so I spray painted it white. I also stamped the word “bows” on a piece of scrapbook paper and added it to the frame. I may add a cute little picture of her wearing a bow someday instead of the scrapbook paper.

6. Then I hooked the jump ring onto the hook frame and added the little knob back on (I painted that too) and it was done.

I added her collection of bows that she has received already. Oh and I am so going to start making some cute ones too. I can’t wait.. I have already been googling tutorials and pictures.