Bonheur Necklace Giveaway

Thank you for all your gracious compliments on the “Wanna-Be Bonheur Necklace” I knocked off from Anthropologie.  Tell Santa I have them in my etsy shop in case he is wondering.  $20 is 1/3 of the price…not bad for some Christmas bling.IMG_0714

Do you want to win one?

Well let me first introduce you to my newest sponsor Lynn from For Love or Funny.   

She is a mommy blogger who posts about the lighter side of parenting.  I have been wandering around her blog for sometime now and she has the most random thoughts.  I loves it.  For a touch of her randomness read
this, this and this.

I told ya…random!  It is fun just to see what she blogs about daily because it always leaves me thinking. “Huh?, where does she come up with that stuff.”  My guess is she probably thinks of me the same way.  Touché!
Ok so in order to win you must beg, bribe, pay, pester, manipulate, comment, follow, or some other clever way of getting Lynn to pick you!  I don’t care how you do it, all I know is that Lynn will email me by Thursday night with a winner and you will have 24 hours to claim your prize.  Give Lynn some love and may the best WO-man win!  Game on!