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Ok so you know on Wednesday when I posted my Roadkill Rescue Vision post?  Do you remember what my #1 piece of advice was?  No?  Ok click here and read it….Yes, I will wait for you.


Still waiting….

{twiddling thumbs,looking at the clock}

{getting nervous you are not coming back}


Oh good, there you are!

You are back…great. Hi again! So did you read it? Since I adhere to those beliefs I usually approach projects with a relentless abandonment. Go big or go home is usually my mantra. So I had a brilliant idea.

I decided to paint my master bedroom vanity.  We have those crapastic oak and laminate cabinets that are standard in so many houses. 

DSC05972IMG_0687 So I removed the doors and started to prep the surface. To add a little interest, I added some textured “tin tile” paintable wallpaper into the inset of the cabinets.IMG_0315After I caulked the edges and primed the whole thing I painted them cream.  I loved how the texture of the wallpaper looked.  They were turning out wonderfully…so far..

Then I “gave myself the freedom to fail.”  And boy did I give myself a freedom.  I thought glazing them would make the tin tile pop.  So I decided to go for a shimmery gray glaze.  Up close they looked pretty good.IMG_0768So I went “a-glazing” and painted everything.  I liked how the doors turned out.  But then I started glazing the actual base I wasn’t convinced that it looked great.  But I wanted to see my project through to completion thinking that once everything was in place it would look wonderful {wishful thinking}.IMG_0774IMG_0775Do you notice a similarity?  Yes these are making a comeback but not in my world!

Instead of making the tin tile pop it totally made it look muted.  Ugh…yuck…blech….ewwwww! 

I am still thinking through my options.  Repaint.  Reglaze with a different color. Live with it for a while.

But my advice was actually tested this week.  And what did I lose?

Yes…a little time.

Sure…a little pride (that never hurts to lose)

Yep…a little paint.

But in the end we’ll make it work and it will look fabulous. {wishful thinking}