Bissell Lift Off Review

I got sent the new BISSELL Lift-Off Deep Cleaner

this past week.  I have never owned a steam cleaner before.  In the past few years I get my carpets steam cleaned professionally once or twice a year.  So I was excited to actually own one so that I could keep up on my carpets more regularly.  After steam cleaning my carpets I have come to the conclusion – CARPET IS DISGUSTING.  Seriously, it is a breeding ground for filth.  We just recently purchased new carpet for the entire downstairs in October.  I was shocked at how disgusting they were already…like the nasty carpet water was black.  GUH-ROSS!



The BISSELL Lift-Off Deep Cleaner

is a steam cleaner and portable spot cleaner in one.  Although I did not test the spot cleaner feature nor the stairs/hose function it is available.


So first I took the white socks test.  Bissell provided me with some white socks to test out the dirtiness of my carpet.  Yep looks pretty nasty!

white sock test

Pros of the BISSELL Lift-Off Deep Cleaner


1.  Easy to use.  You literally hold down the trigger, move forward and back and then let go off the trigger and move forward and back.

2.  Worked well on my frieze type carpet, it really does seem to deep clean as it really gets in the fibers.

3.  Really easy to fill and rinse the tanks.

nasty carpet water

4.  The carpet was dry in about 2-3 hours.

Cons of the BISSELL Lift-Off Deep Cleaner


1.  It leaves little clumps of carpet fibers on your floor that you have to pick up by hand.  I haven’t steam cleaned my own carpets in a at least five years so I am not sure if that is just a normal part of cleaning your own carpets or not.


2.  When I did my frieze (longer shagged) carpet I was shocked at how little water got into the dirty tank.  I ended up going over the carpet again trying to suck more water up and it definitely didn’t suck up as much as on my low pile carpet making me think that dirty water was still stuck in the carpet.

3.  Cleaning the machine is a must.  You have to take out 5 screws and get all the little fibers out of the machine.  There was a bunch of fibers stuck in the machine and it took me about 15 minutes to get it all out.

4.  I was slightly disappointed with the small amount of cleaner that came with the machine.  It was enough for only one room.  So if you do purchase the machine then make sure to buy cleaner with it immediately.

5.  The tank seems small only holding 12 cups of water.  For a 14’ x 16’ room I ended up having to refill my tank 3 1/2 times.

Overall Impression BISSELL Lift-Off Deep Cleaner

Overall I liked the machine.  I am a huge proponent of maintaining your home.  So I do think a steam cleaner is an investment that is worth it in the long haul in preserving the life of your carpet.  If you have carpet and children it is a no brainer.  I know I will definitely use it often after seeing how nasty the water was after cleaning them.  Although I got carpet the color of dirt on purpose I really didn’t intend it to have so much dirt in it.  GUH-ROSS! Since cleaning out the machine is a pain in the butt I will definitely budget the time to do more than one room so I get more mileage out of my clean time.  But overall I was really impressed with how well it cleaned the carpet.

Ease of use: 5.5 stars

Cleanliness of carpet after use: 4.5/5 stars

Clean up after use: 3.5/5 stars

bissell lift off review

And here are the results of the white sock test.  Much better!


So do you want to take the white sock test?  Click here to join Bissell on Facebook and see if you are one of the instant winners. Upload a pair of your dirty socks for a chance to win a $15,000 home makeover.


So tell me…do you steam clean your own carpets or have them professionally done?  How often? Do you have any tips or tricks to keeping your carpets cleaner?





Disclaimer: This post contains Amazon affiliate links.  I was compensated for this post and received the machine free as well.  But you know how I roll…ain’t nobody gonna tell me what say…a.k.a…my opinions are 100% my own.