Birthday Princess Shirt

Happy Birthday to my little princess!   She is three years old today. We (my mom and I) are taking her to see Disney on Ice — Dare to Dream today.   She is going to FREAK out when she sees all the princesses.   Like most girls her age she has an obsession with being a princess.   So this birthday crown princess shirt is the perfect way to declare her age.

birthday crown shirt

Pin It


Silhouette machine


transfer paper

fabric paint (I used Silhouette’s black fabric paint and then Plaid’s Simply Stencil paint (OMG Pink and Fairytale)

stick pin or vinyl tool


1.   I wanted the three to have polka dots inside of it.   So what you have to do is pick out your text (I used Accord Heavy SF) and make a three.   Then using your circle button draw and replicate the dots until you have enough to cover the three.

polka dot three

2.   Next drag all of the dots and place them over the three.   Then unclick the dots.   Then highlight the three and all the dots and go to the modify button (the one to the top right with an M on it).   Click on subtract.





3.   Now your three will be polka dotted.   Next purchase the crown from the Silhouette store and size it to fit.   Then type out your name.   I also drew cutting boxes around all of the my shapes to make it easier to apply to the shirt.


4.   I cut out my images onto black contact paper.   I found the vinyl that Silhouette sells specifically for fabric painting was too sticky and made me want to curse.   I did, however, use the transfer paper they sell and that worked well.   Using a stick pin or the hook that Silhouette sells peel away the letters and the background of the dots and the crown.


5.   Transfer it to the shirt and start painting.   Silhouette only sent me black paint to play with this month so I also used Plaid’s Simply Screen paint with it.   It works just as well, although it takes longer to dry.   And it is $6 cheaper per bottle.   You could also use craft paint with fabric medium if you have that on hand too.


6. I used a small piece of vinyl to section off some of the three at the top so I wouldn’t be painting over black paint when I went to paint the crown on.

fabric ink

7. I let the three and Kayla dry for about 6 hours.   Then I pulled off the excess vinyl and all the little polka dots.   Then I transferred the vinyl crown and painted that with Plaid’s Simply Screen paint in OMG Pink.

three year old shirt

princess three year old shirt

8.   When it was completely dry I ironed it to heat set it.

3 year old birthday shirt

birthday shirt for 3-year old girl

We also helped make one for Kayla’s best buddy Haley.   She will be three in a couple of weeks as well.

3 year old princess shirt




three year old birthday shirt

Happy Birthday sweet princess. May you continue to grow in grace and kindness.   I am so proud of the little girl you are.   Mommy loves you Kayla.