Bibpron Tutorial

My friend Jen came in town last week and had me sewing all day…in return she rearranged my furniture. She has an amazing eye for that stuff. She brought this cute little apron that she used for a bib for her daughter Morgen. She wanted to know if I could copy the pattern and make her a few more. I was unimpressed with the design and knew it could offer more. So I started tweaking and cutting and adding and came up with this design. I call it a Bibpron. It is a big kid’s bib. Isaac says that babies wear bibs but I can put this bibpron on him and he is fine. Say goodbye to spot treating and juice stains. Hellllllo Bibpron.

1. Create the follow pattern on newspaper or some other large paper.


bipron pattern

2. Cut out two pieces of fabric with the printed out pattern. I cut out one patterned fabric and then a piece of broadcloth.

3. Pin the two pieces together right sides together. Using a 1/4″ seam sew it together leaving a 4″ opening.

4. Turn right side out and press closed the opening. Flip the bibpron over and press down 1″ on each of the sides.

5. Sew the sides down about 1/4″ from the edge. Then top stitch the whole bipron closing the opening we left at the bottom. Press.

6. Get a pin and 2 yards of twill tape or ribbon and weave the twill tape through. Tie knots at the end so that the twill tape will not slide through. I also take a lighter to the ends so they won’t fray.


Sweet…you are done. I love the adjustable neck. It also could be reversible. I think it is cute either way. It is way better than a normal apron and waaay cooler than a bib…it’s a bibpron. They are a must have for toddlers!

And just for kicks and giggles…let’s have a giveaway. I will give away a bibpron to two lucky winners. Because I hate a long, drawn out giveaway I will pick a winner when I wake up tomorrow.

Do you like how I say the giveaway at the end so you have to read this whole thing to see it? Hee hee…I am slick like that.

Here is my big boy posing for you…

You can also scale down the pattern to fit a smaller child. I would say this pattern would be good for 2+ age child.