Best Silhouette Promo of the Year

Guess where I am?  I will give you three clues…Mickey Mouse lives here, it is the 10th most populated city in California, and it is home to the CHA tradeshow.  If you don’t know what CHA is it is the Craft and Hobby Association tradeshow where all the crafting and hobby companies come to showcase their products.  And let me tell you… it is a little slice of crafty heaven up in here.

Silhouette America is here and they are running a sweet promo with a few of us in attendance at the show.  This is the best promo code I have seen Silhouette run on their supplies, period.  You can get 40% off all supplies. This will exclude electronic cutting tools (CAMEO and Portrait machines) downloads, gift cards, download cards, and subscriptions.

P.S.  If you guessed Anaheim you win.  Ummm…and your prize is a 40% off coupon code to Silhouette using the code IHEARTIC. {giggle}