Beautiful Christmas: Gifts

I have spent a lot of time in the last two weeks talking about tangible gifts with the Pennywise Presents series.  If you have come for a tangible gift… click any one of the posts below.

However, something Kaley said in her post hit me…

“We talk a lot about saving money around these parts.  But if there is one thing that you can spend freely—it’s TIME.”

I thought I would focus today on giving the gift of yourself.  I have talked before about the book, “The Five Love Languages,” by Gary Chapman. A must read, in my opinion, for every married person.  My top two love languages are receiving gifts and acts of service.  It is probably no wonder why my focus has been on gifts and today’s focus will be on acts of service.

What are ways you can serve the people you love?  I MEAN– I REALLY LOVES gifts but acts of service is a close second.  If I think about the people in my immediate family (Tim and Isaac) I know what they want from me.  Many times I give to them, many times I am selfish…with giving them ME.

But this Christmas season I will give them a gift of service — packaged cutely of course!

Isaac is 3 1/2.  He is a rambunctious, totally outgoing, people person.  Hmmmm….sounds like someone I know.  The boy cannot sit still and desires to play with me every moment of everyday.  I try and do my best to get on the floor and play puzzles, hide and seek, snack shop, etc.  This Christmas I decided to give him some special time going to his favorite places with one of his favorite people…me.

I found the logo to Chuck E Cheese, Cold Stone, Chick-Fil-A and our local bounce house and I printed them out and mounted them to cardstock and taped them to a teddy bear.  Since Isaac can not read yet I thought this would be pretty easy for him to understand.  Each ticket constitutes a date with mommy.  He is going to love it!

Next up I thought of a what are some fun ways I can serve my husband.  I thought of the things he loves to do and got some poker chips and a circle punch and Mod Podged “acts of service” to the coins. Note: the alone time one is not him and I together.  He is a huge introvert so that means he gets to hang out with himself and he loves every minute of it. 

Then I packaged them up in a little money bag.

My mom just moved to the area also.  I plan on making her something similar with…

1. Wash her kitchen floor on my hands and knees.
2. Take her car to get washed inside and out…my treat.
3. Give her a pedicure.
4. Dust her house.
5. Listen to one piece of her advice (she will LOVES this one…I got my opinionated gene from her).  In fact I might give her a whole box of #5 and she would be as happy as can be. 🙂

So I encourage you to think outside the box in terms of gifts this season.  What can YOU give of YOURself?  Have yourself a Beautiful Christmas.

Beautiful Christmas