Bathroom Disaster

In a previous post I asked your opinion on colors for my master bath.  I decided to go with a lighter colored ceiling and darker walls.UntitledsonataIt definitely needs some crown molding to show the contrast of the colors but I really love the soft blues.

IMG_1603But the reason for this post is to show you my disaster.  I have people ask me all the time, “Do all your projects turn out perfect?”  The answer is a big, fat NO! 

Do you ever start a project and then have a snafu and get mad at the project?  So you decide you will “teach the project a lesson” and not work on it for two weeks until it is ready to be beaten into gorgeous submission?  And then all of the sudden you hear it mocking you and saying “I won, nah nah nah nah boo boo!”  GRRRRR!

I told you before how we removed our standard builder’s grade tub with a more spacious one here.  When you install a tub surround the lip of the surround is actually under the sheet of drywall.  So when you remove the surround and install a new one you have a gap all the way around.

IMG_1455 To drywall that little area and then mud and sand it would be a pain in the booty.  So I decided to just put molding around it, paint and caulk it.

Brilliant idea right?  I thought so.  In my impatience I purchased non-paintable caulk and caulked all the edges. Then I went to paint it.



UGGGGH!!! I don’t think I can play it off as the crackle finish either.  So now I have to tear it all down and buy all new molding (I tried scraping it off to no avail) and new caulk.  GRRRRR!

No Midas touch here people!  I am going to quiet the screaming project and get back on the horse and try again…with paintable caulk. GRRRR!!!!

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