Ballards Backroom

Are you traveling through Atlanta any time soon?  What about Ohio?  Did you know that Ballard Designs has an outlet store in those two areas called Ballard’s Backroom?  They have one in Atlanta, Georgia, Roswell, Georgia and West Chester, Ohio.  If you are in either of those locations you have to check it out. Last week I was in Hotlanta visiting my in-laws and stopped in to shop.

They had a truckload of their art at outlet prices and then on top of that they offered another 40% off that.

ballardsbackroom (3)

It is amazing seeing the things I see in their catalogs in real life.  Most of the time I am surprised at how much bigger they are than what I had pictured when I just see them in photographs.

Most of the stuff at the Backroom is scratch & dents, closeouts, discontinued items and excess product.  Here are some cool finds.

This Calisse 4-Light pendant is humungo.  It is over 2 feet tall. Catalog priced at $299, Backroom priced at $99.

ballardsbackroom (16)

I was so excited to see Acanthus Cut-Out Plaque that I knocked off.  I must say I like mine a ton better.  The paint finish on it looks almost sponged painted.  But it was only $69.

ballardsbackroom (4)

I absolutely adore this end table for $99.


Here were the hot deals of the day…

A ginormous Beadboard Chalkboard in Tucscan Brown (53” x 83 1/4”) regularly priced at $399 selling for $56.

ballardsbackroom (8)

The large Beadboard Drying Rack with Hangar Rail regularly priced at $219 clearance out due to cracked beadboard for $29.99.

ballardsbackroom (17)

Chartres Buffet Lamp originally priced at $69.99 slashed to $9.99.

ballardsbackroom (21)

Oh and I drug my husband along and this is how he shops.  However, he does attest to the comfiness of the Paris Leather Recliner {giggle}.

ballardsbackroom (1)