Simple Burlap Lampshade

Thank you to those who took time to comment so sweetly on my French Provincial Nighstand Refab.   It so means the world to me. I am so pleased with how the space was lightened up with the two toned nightstand.   Yesterday I mentioned that I needed to rework the lamp. The green shade seemed a tad dark for the space and I wanted more of a drum shade. I was originally thinking of a new shade and then spray painting the base aqua.   Well after I found this burlap shade at Target I decided it was perfect without painting it after all.

burlap lampshade (1)

I think the lamp base really ties in the spray painted handles on the nightstand but the burlap shade was just the lightening it needed.

Here is the original shade and nightstand…

french provential nightstand (58)

And here is the lighter, fresher space…

burlap lampshade (21)

If you like me on Facebook you were with me when I looked at Old Time Pottery, and Tuesday Morning. Then, I finally found the Medium Burlap Shade at Target.   It was more than I wanted to spend at $14.99.   But when you love it, you love it, right?

burlap lampshade (22)

Since it is such a neutral color I think it is money well spent. I am sure I can use it on other lamps and in other rooms later down the road if need be.   But for now, I love the lightness, brightness and texture the burlap shade provided.

Don’t you just love it when a new space in complete and just how you like it?

Confession time: I go up to room several times a day just to stare at my new space. Is that totally weird?   Please tell me another human being does the same thing after a good refab!