Are you FREAKING OUT!?!?

Are you guys as freaked out as I am that I am only 18 days away from my due date??? Holy Canoly! With Isaac I went a miserable 10 days over my due date. I didn’t answer phone calls, return emails and basically just twiddled my thumbs. It was awful, miserable. . . pure agony. I finally had my husband get a load of dirt in his truck and I shoveled dirt into my flower beds. People were driving past my house in horror as they saw a 9-month pregnant lady standing in the bed of a truck with a shovel in her hand.

So this time I have a new strategy. STAY BUSY! I have a project everday for the next 28 days (just in case). It is all projects that can wait, are miniscule but will keep my mind off of the pending birth. Last time I was like, “Was that a contraction?” “Did my water just break?” “I think I am in labor, oh wait…maybe not.” “Is today the day?” I refuse to let the next few weeks be a waste.

For your viewing enjoyment…here I am all big and puffy at 34 weeks (imagine how big and puffy I am now!) What is it about being pregnant that it always looks cuter on someone else?