Adding Curb Appeal

As one of the Lowe’s Creative Ideas bloggers I get the opportunity every month to receive a gift card to do home projects.  Each month we are challenged with a specific area of our home.  This month’s challenge is adding curb appeal.  I was so grateful for this challenge because I have lived in this house for 4 years and we have not done a single thing to the outside of our house.  All of the time, energy, effort and money went into the inside.  It is time to match the exterior of my home to the beauty of the interior.

The Plan:

1. Upgrade light fixtures

2. Repaint shutters

3. Add some flower pots

4.  Trim back shrubs


The exterior light fixtures on our house were the builder basic brass lights.  Over the years the sun has burned them and the wind had loosened them, not to mention, we were too lazy to replace the bulbs so they weren’t working.outdoor_black_lights

With my gift card I purchased 4 new black lantern type lights (Brand: Portfolio $29 each) and changed out the old brass light fixtures.  That made a huge difference.

Up next was repainting my shutters.  After a terrible Indiana hailstorm our roof needed to replaced.  So last year while I was getting a new roof I had them take down the shutters for me to paint.  Umm….yah…that was last June.  Yikes!  So our house sat naked without shutters for almost a year.  I finally got around to painting (tutorial soon!) the faded purple vinyl shutters to black.


I purchased a barrel planter, potting soil and some flowers to add some color to the front.


Then we trimmed up the shrubs in the front.


I want to rip out these three large shrubs and add some prettier landscaping.  But, to be honest, I know nothing about landscaping and plants so I might have to get some help on this one.

But I think the few changes I made really ramped up our curb appeal.  What do you think?


Just like the interior of my house the projects are never done.  I would like to repaint the front door, add a tree ring around the little tree with some flowers inside of that.  I would also love to rip out the shrubs and add some more color there with some flowers and maybe some hostas.

Do you have any advice for that front bed?  I would love to learn from those who are more knowledgeable about landscaping.



Disclaimer: I received a Lowes gift card to do these projects.