Accordion Scrapbook Tutorial

Accordion scrapbooks are a quick and custom gift to make for any occasion. Who doesn’t love a little brag book full of pictures? These accordion scrapbooks are the perfect little way to showcase a new baby or an event.  Since they are smaller and all you add is pictures it isn’t overwhelming.
I got about 15 requests on how to make the little accordion scrapbooks I made for the Elmers Craft & Tell Party last weekend. I thought everyone in the free world knew how to make these.  But since a few of you don’t I figured I would repost this tutorial from 2007 with some updated pictures (wow I thought I was a bad photographer now…dang 2007 was a bad year for my photography skills!).
accordion scrapbook tutorial


2 sheets of decorative paper



3 pieces of cardstock

Glue stick or double-sides adhesive

Paper Cutter


Utility Knife

Straight Edge



1. Cut the decorative paper into a 6 ¾” x 6 ¾” square. I use a guillotine style paper cutter.

accordion scrapbook tutorial2

Using the same paper cutter cut the cardstock to 8 1/2” x 8 1/2” squares.

2. Using an Exacto knife and a straight edge (I use a quilter’s ruler) cut your foamcore down to 4 ¾” x 4 ¾”.

accordion scrapbook tutorial3

You should have all the supplies cut to size now looking like this…

accordion scrapbook tutorial 4

3.  Now you will begin folding your cardstock. You will double fold everything – meaning that you will fold once and then fold on the same fold in the opposite direction (back) making the paper very flexible.

Fold the paper in half and the double fold it.

accordion scrapbook tutorial 5

Now fold the paper in half the other direction and double fold that.

accordion scrapbook tutorial 6

Lastly fold the paper diagonally and double fold that.

accordion scrapbook tutorial 7

You will do this to all three sheets of cardstock.

Note: You only fold one diagonal not two.

4. Apply glue stick (or double sided scrapbook adhesive) to the top and bottom square. This will be the middle piece of cardstock.

accordion scrapbook tutorial 85.  After glue is applied lay the other pieces of cardstock (the top piece and bottom piece) on top of the piece you just applied the glue to. It should look like this.
accordion scrapbook tutorial 9
Fold it accordion style.  Ya don’t know what that means?  Well I made a little video to help you.


7. Place the cardstock aside and grab a sheet of the decorative paper and one of the foamcore. Lay the decorative paper face down and put the foamcore on top. Apply double sided adhesive to the left and right of the foam core and glue the paper on. It should look like this.

accordion scrapbook tutorial 10


8. Now fold the corners. You don’t want to fold them down completely but have enough room to fold it over. There should be enough of a space to put the scissors between the fold and the foamcore.

accordion scrapbook tutorial 11

Fold those over and glue them.

accordion scrapbook tutorial 12
9 Do the other foamcore the same way.  Now we are ready to assemble the book. Cut a piece of ribbon to match about two feet long. Find the middle of the piece of ribbon and glue it in the middle of the paper-covered foamcore. Make sure if you are using paper that has a directional print that you have the foamcore facing the correct way. Glue ribbon in place.
accordion scrapbook tutorial 13
10. Now take the cardstock glue in place. I apply double-sided adhesive to the cardstock and not the foamcore. Make sure when you lay the cardstock down in place that your book is again the correct way (if you used a directional print paper). Also make sure you place the cardstock down where the opening is facing the lower right hand corner like this…
accordion scrapbook tutorial 14
11. Glue the top of the cardstock. “Eyeballing it” lay the top foamcore on the cardstock. Tie ribbon and you are done.
accordion scrapbook tutorial 15
I will show you tomorrow how easy it is to add pictures to it…