Hi, I am Beckie, the crafty gal behind this site. I am a wife of 16 years to Tim and mommy to Isaac (8) and Kayla (5). I am a red-headed, left-handed, frugal-living, faith-walking, truth-speaking, creative-minded, purpose-driven, leadership-seeking, spray-painting, fun-loving Midwest girl living in Columbus, OH.



What is an Infarrantly?   Haha!   One of the #1 hits I get from my site from Google searches is “definition of infarrantly”.   Since I made the word up I suppose only I can give you the definition.   My last name is Farrant and I was playing on the word “inherently” which means something intrinsic, innate, basically born in me.   So I am inherently creative…infarrantly creative.   Get it? 🙂

What makes IC unique? I guess you could say I am a “think-outside-the-box” creator. I love recycling and repurposing. My absolute favorite projects are my Roadkill Rescue projects. That is the term I have dubbed when I find some curbside castaway and turn it into beautiful and usable decor.

Crutches to Floor Lamp

Shipping Crate to Rolling Toy Box

Old TV into a Console Table

When I began blogging 7 1/2 years ago at Infarrantly Creative I never would have guessed that I would someday inspire people to create. Nothing brings me more delight then when one of my readers emails me a picture of something they made because I inspired them. Thank you for making this girl’s dream job come true!

Welcome to Infarrantly Creative.