5 Ways to Use Chalkboard Paint

Back when the chalkboard craze started, I never thought it was a trend I would enjoy so much.  Why?  Because I really, really, REALLY hate chalk!  I don’t like the dusty feel, the scratchy noise {shiver}…it’s just not my thing.  At least, it wasn’t until I discovered chalk inks.  These dust-free writing tools will write just about anywhere, including chalkboards!  And once I had something to write with that didn’t make me cringe, I jumped on the chalkboard train and came up with fun stuff like a countdown sign and a chalkboard silhouette pillow.

I’ve definitely eyed the chalkboard walls that I see popping up in houses all over the internet, like this one at The Lettered Cottage.

Wow–an entire wall.  That’s a pretty bold move.  What do those of us do who aren’t quite ready to commit to a full chalkboard wall (or who have husbands that think we’re crazy when we mention the idea)?  Well, today I’ve found some fun ways to experiment with chalk paint without covering an entire wall.  Try these 5 Ways to Use Chalkboard Paint on smaller surfaces, first, and maybe it will convince you (or your reluctant spouse) to brush it on a bigger space.

1.  On a Mug

I think this chalkboard mug is extra special because it uses two fun paint trends:  chalkboard paint and a dipped effect.  With the holidays approaching, this is a great gift idea from Wit & Wisdom.

2.  On a Bed

Here’s another terrific trend pairing.  A chalkboard and a classic silhouette make a statement headboard–no pun intended–at Inspired M. Stephens.

3.  On a cabinet

Dear Lillie created a mini chalkboard wall on one of the end panels of her kitchen cabinets.  It’s perfectly within reach of little artists’ hands.

4.  On the Refrigerator

If your family enjoys a certain Disney Channel comedy, you’ve probably thought about how fun it would be to have a chalkboard surface on your refrigerator.  The Handmade Home made it happen, and tells you everything you need to know about how they did it.

5.  On the Backsplash

The Yellow Brick Home needed an easy and inexpensive way to upgrade their kitchen backsplash, and decided to give chalk paint a try.  It’s not as bold as covering an entire wall, but it sure makes a fun place to leave messages and looks great with their granite countertops.

These are all fun projects, but I want to mention one thing about chalkboard paint that you might not know: it doesn’t have to be black.  There are several manufacturers who sell tinted chalkboard paints, and Martha Stewart even has a recipe so that you can make your own with any color of paint.  Let me know if you try any of these ideas for small-surface chalkboards, or come up with one of your own!