5 Ways to Turn a Wall into a Gallery

I admit it:  there’s a chance that I may have an obsession with gallery walls.  I had several in my last house, and I’m working towards having even more in my current home!  Gone are the days when I was afraid to put more than one or two nail holes in the wall.  I’ve seen the light!  Gallery walls have tons of advantages when it comes to home decor.  If you are trying to fill a big, blank wall, it’s less expensive to create a grouping of several smaller things than purchasing and framing a single large piece.  It can be a lot of fun to add personality and visual interest by grouping a variety of shapes, colors, and objects.  And there’s something really satisfying about picking out the “theme” that’s going to pull the whole thing together.  Today I’m sharing five of the ways I’ve turned walls in my home into galleries.


1.  Make it Fun


This wall in my family room is one of my favorites!  I started with a recent family photo, and used that as the jumping off point for the rest of the wall.  Nothing on the wall is exactly the same, but I did choose colors and wood tones that complemented our portrait.  The variety of shapes and colors at play makes it a real focal point in our room.

2.  Personalize It


If you are nervous about attempting a gallery wall, then a child’s room is a great place not only to experiment, but to install a gallery wall, period.  Gallery groupings are perfect for kids’ spaces because it’s easy to swap out pieces to suit their interests and tastes as the kids grow and change.  This wall in Kyla’s room is all about the things she loves, and it was fun to create it around art made with her name.

3.  Celebrate


The possibilities are endless when it comes to using gallery walls for holiday decor.  How fun would it be to reserve a spot in your home for art that changes with the seasons and celebrations?  I kept the pieces in this patriotic grouping cohesive by using the same weathered wood for the frames.

4.  Make It Meaningful


One of the big advantages of gallery-style wall decor is that you can have a lot of variety.  I selected pieces in a similar bright, fun color pallet for this gallery in my craft room.  As you can see, this grouping didn’t take up as much wall space, but it was filled with things–like my children’s art–that are meaningful to me.

5.  Make It Unexpected


The beauty of the gallery wall is that there are really no limitations–which makes them perfect for hard-to-decorate vertical spaces like hallways, angled walls, and other overlooked spots in your home.  I brought color and whimsy into what would have otherwise been a ho-hum mudroom space when I created this mudroom gallery wall.

What about you?  Have you installed any gallery walls in your home?  Do you mix things up or use similar frames and colors?  Check out this post for more gallery wall inspiration.