5 Ways to Store Your Christmas Decor

The New Year has begun and it’s time to finally put away all those gorgeous Christmas decorations. Packing it all away isn’t nearly as fun as putting it up, and I’m guessing none of you have a tradition of taking DOWN the tree together while drinking hot cocoa and listening to holiday music! Here are a few simple steps to make the tear-down a little easier!


1. Ornaments

Christmas Ornament Storage


What a great idea! Plastic cups are a great, cheap option to store those precious fragile ornaments. Check out Dollar Store Crafts’ tutorial on making easy trays from just a few simple supplies.

2. Wreaths


Storing wreaths can be tricky, because you don’t want them to get all smushed over the next year. Hangers can be a great way to store and organize your wreaths! Good Housekeeping shows a simple and effective way, and they share a lot of other Christmas decoration storage ideas too!

3. Light Strands


Who likes untangling lights from a big messy pile?! Not me! And probably not you either! This simple hack is great for light storage, and you probably have everything you need on-hand already. Plus, when next year rolls around, you’ll be able to easily plug in the strands to see if any bulbs are out, without unwinding the whole thing!

4. Extension Cords


This is genius! Empty paper towel and toilet paper rolls make excellent storage for light-duty extension cords! Plus, The Family Handyman has some more great ideas for organizing other hard-to-store items!

5. Packing it all Away


Label, label, label! Yvonne at Stonegable Blog has some great storage tips for packing away all your Christmas decorations in an orderly fashion. While the initial task of organizing and labeling bins may seem daunting, next-year-you will thank this-year-you for taking the time to do it!

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When do you take down your Christmas decorations? Do you have any storage tips for the rest of us? 

Reposted from Jan 2, 2016.