5 Ways to Redo a Vintage Trailer

I have a confession to make.  It is probably a pipe dream I know.  But I want to makeover an vintage trailer in a bad way.  Is it practical? No!  But how fun would it be?  Making over a vintage trailer probably isn’t something that most of us are going to have a chance to do…but you never know!  What I do know is that I love it when I see someone take something old and fix it up to give it a new start at life.  So, seeing these once-forgotten camping trailers made fresh and pretty just makes me happy!  Who knows?  Maybe these glammed-up campers will you inspire you to think of creative, new possibilities for something old and worn out that you own.   Have fun peeking inside these sweet little homes on wheels as I show you 5 Ways to Redo a Vintage Trailer.

1.  Camp in Style

Home Sweet Motorhome features just about the prettiest interior I’ve ever laid eyes on.  The details in this vintage makeover are just lovely.  Talk about glamping out!

2.  Retro Brights

The before pictures of this camper look really, really bad, but you’d never know, now!  I love the bright, patterned fabrics and yellow and red checkered floor in this trailer at Little Vintage Trailer.

3.  Girls’ Paradise

This tiny trailer at Rose Vine Cottage is filled to the brim with ultra-feminine frills, antiques, and vintage floral linens.  What a perfect place for a girls’ getaway or even an afternoon tea party!

4.  Fun on the Road

Not only does The Vintage Bag Lady have this super-cute and colorful vintage camper of her own, she likes to share trailer makeovers of friends she meets in her travels!  Serious vintage eye candy, here, folks.

5.  Farm Fresh

This made-over trailer by The Fancy Farmgirl truly looks good enough to eat!  I adore all the candy-coated colors and gorgeous fabrics.  And, just to prove that campers aren’t just for summertime anymore, check out how this little mobile home looks all decked out for Christmas.

Aren’t they fun?  I’ve recently discovered that people are making over old trailers for more than camping trips.  They make great offices, guest cottages, and portable shops, too!  Have you ever dreamed of owning (and restyling) a vintage camper?

Featured & Pinterest friendly pictures in this post come from The Fancy Farm Girl.