5 Ways to Organize Kid’s Toys

It all started as a rattle and a few stuffed animals but has now grown into heaps of Legos, pretend food, and Matchbox cars. Sound familiar? You may feel like the toy situation in your home is slightly (or majorly) out of control and in need of a little (or a lot) of organization. Not only does an organized play area look nice, but it also allows your children to play and clean up with greater independence. There is hope. Don’t become a victim of the toy monster. Today’s post features five creative ideas for organizing toys.

5 ways to organize kid's toys

1. Soda Crate Toy Cart

Holly from Holly Mathis Interiors transformed old soda crates into storage carts for her son’s out-of-control Lego collection by simply adding $1 casters to the bottom. I love the vintage feel of this storage solution and how the sectioned crates allow for additional sorting and organizing. The best part is that these bad boys easily roll under the bed for storage. Holly points out that many containers can be repurposed for unique storage solutions. So very true!

2. Chalkboard Labels

When it comes to organizing, label is the magic word. I am a labeling maniac. My label maker has gotten it’s fair share of use over the years, and I love using my Silhouette to create cutesy labels for pretty much every room in the house. For all you label lovers, Shanna from Swoon Style and Home created her own adorable chalkboard labels to organize her kids’ toys. These are super easy to make and change out as toys are endlessly rearranged and rotated.

DIY Chalkboard Toy Labels

3. Game Board Storage Art

We are a game loving family, yet I loathe the boxes they come in. (Yes, loathe. That gives you an idea of the depth of my feelings toward the cardboard atrocities.) In little to no time, they will be creased and torn, and you will inevitably be finding teeny game pieces in all kinds of weird places. When it came time to decorate the walls in our game room, I had a major brainstorm and created this framed game board storage art to hang on the wall. The game pieces are stored on the back, so you simply remove the board from the wall when you’re ready to play. That means you get bright, fun décor for your walls and no more game boxes. Sounds like a win-win to me!

game board storage art (2)

4. Plastic Toy Storage Bags

As kids get older, their toys get smaller and smaller. Ruby from Zaaberry shares a tutorial for making your own decorative plastic bags for storing all those teeny toys that don’t seem to have a home. Kids can easily see what’s inside of the bags, and they are waaay cuter than sandwich baggies.

Plastic Toy Storage Bags

Dress Up Storage

Kayla is all about playing dress up. Princess dresses, tutus, tiaras… So far we have been able to contain her collection of “pretties” in a fabric storage bin, but I know a day will come when it just won’t cut it anymore. I would love to build a dress up “closet” like this one from Jess at Craftiness Is Not Optional. Her idea is so awesome that Ana White drew up plans for the design. Is this not a little princess’ dream?

DIY Dress Up Storage


If you would like to DIY a more traditional toy box, check out how I made a Wooden Shipping Crate Toy Box.

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What are your creative toy storage solutions?