5 Ways to Make a Floor Pillow

Poufs and plush pillows have been a big trend in home decor for the last couple of years.  Look in on just about any decorated show home or family room in a magazine and you’ll see some type of padded seating option for the floor.  Often, floor pillows are even used to make an impressive style statement, like these at The Purl Bee.

giant floor pillows

Call it Moroccan-inspired style or a need for ways to get comfy, but I’m pretty sure that this trend is one that’s here to stay.  As entertaining becomes more casual and family based and our options for in-home entertainment increase, there’s a greater need for instant seating.  Floor pillows are the answer, folks!  Lucky for us, it’s possible to put together some pretty nifty versions of the floor pillow or pouf without needing more than basic sewing skills.  Check out these tutorials I found for DIY Floor Pillows.

Floor Pillow 5 Ways

1.  Stackable Floor Pillows


These pillows from In My Own Style are the perfect size for a smaller room.  A little larger than couch cushions, they can be stacked inconspicuously out of sight, or stacked in plain view to add a little color and pattern.  Love the pom fringe on these.

2.  Knitted Pouf


Know how to wield a pair of knitting needles?  Then these poufs are a great option!  Yarn comes in so many textures and colors that you could create just about any look you wanted with this pattern from Pickles.

3.  No Sew Pillows


Just in case sewing and knitting aren’t your thing, I’ve got you covered.  I actually found a great no-sew tutorial for floor cushions at AKA Design + Life.  I love how these are stowed away in a basket when they aren’t in use.

4.  Round Cushion


For quilters, Living With Punks offers the jelly roll floor pillow.  It’s a patchwork made from scraps of fabric.  (You can find stacks of coordinating fabrics in small yardages at fabric stores called “jelly rolls.”)  It’s fun to see something round instead rectangular.

5.  Jumbo Floor Pillow


The best thing about floor pillows is that they give you the ability to flop onto the floor with style!  Imagine having stacks of these jumbo pillows for kids to climb on and make forts out of….you can view the tutorial at Brit + Co.

Do you have any floor pillows in your home?  What’s your favorite way to add casual comfort or seating in your rooms?