5 Ways to Go on Cheap Date Nights

Since love is in the air and Valentine’s Day will be here before you know it, have you given any thought to what you will be doing on your special night? Date nights are a huge passion point of mine whether it is Valentine’s Day or any night of the week. Tim and I go on a weekly date night. Thursday nights are OUR FAVORITE NIGHT! I thought I would give you some creative ideas for inexpensive date nights because the point is really to reconnect with your partner. 

5 cheap date night ideas


1.   Go to a bookstore and pick out book describing ___________. A fun and zany date night includes going to your local bookstore.   Come up with a topic and then go search out and book.   Some we’ve done is find a book…

– that describes how you feel about me at this moment

– that is something you want to do as a couple someday

– that describes how you feel about life right now

– that describes me

– that describes each of our kids

Give each other 5-10 minutes to find something.   It always ends up in laughs because one of us finds a book title that is so off the wall.   It is fun, trust me.


2. Find a place to go play old school video games. Remember Pac-Man, Donkey Kong or Pinball?   Usually, if you look hard enough someplace in your town will have old school video games.   It is fun to challenge each other and reminisce about your childhood video games.   We even have an old Atari and we will sometimes hook that up and play each other.   (I am totally an Atari girl…I ruled Pitfall).


3. Do something you like to do by yourself together. I remember when Tim and I first got married I had a moment when I was like, “Holy cow how did we ever have fun dating we have nothing in common!”   So what we decided to do was to write down things we liked to do by ourselves.   We each put about 10 things in a mason jar and then pulled one out and we had to do it together.   The only rule: You had to have a good attitude no matter what.   Inevitably, I had to shoot hoops with him and he had to bake cookies with me.   But we were together and we always had fun…the point is being together, right?


4. Buy a questions book and have a picnic dinner. There is a fun book that Tim and I will take on our date nights called The Complete Book of Questions: 1001 Conversation Starters for Any Occasions.  We will grab this book and a blanket and head to our nearest park and just flip through the book and ask each other questions.   It is amazing what we learn that is new about each other even after so many years of marriage.

the complete book of 1001 conversation starters for any occasion

5. Take pictures around town of you and are your significant other. Make sure you take your digital camera with you and get them all printed before you go home.   If you want to make it a family adventure then show your kids and have them guess where you were when you took the pictures.   Or hide something small in each picture for your kids to find.   They love it!

(Find Tim in the picture below)


So do you date your spouse still?   What holds you back from going on dates? What are some creative date nights you have done?