5 Ways to Display Fresh Flowers

Displaying a bouquet of fresh flowers is the ultimate way to add a finishing touch to any space.   There’s no better time to decorate your home with flowers than summer, when colorful blossoms are readily available.   Whether you pick your posies from your own garden, the farmers’ market, or the produce section of the grocery store, flowers bring the beauty of the outdoors inside.   Think outside the vase with these five ways to display the blooms of summertime.

1.   Framed

Pictures aren’t the only things being framed by Cheri of I am Mama Hear Me Roar. Take a look at how a simple frame and a few flowers combined forces to create maximum impact on her gallery wall.

2.   In Lanterns

We’re used to seeing baskets of blooms hanging from porches in the summertime. At the Pleated Poppy, Lindsey put a new spin on traditional with a display of hanging lanterns garnished with fresh flowers.

3.   On a Coat Rack

While decorating for a baby shower, Green Seed Creations hung flowers from her coat racks. Dollar store buckets and mason jars tied with twine and wire were filled with blooming stems and hung from the coat hooks for a whimsical display.

4.   With Chicken Wire

Beverly from Flamingo Toes was stumped by how to display a growing collection of bud vases she’d picked up at the dollar store….until she remembered the vintage screen door hanging on her wall.   On a backdrop of chicken wire, the pretty glass vases paired with shabby frames are the perfect accompaniment to freshly picked flowers.

It’s a mix of shabby and chic that gives the indoor space a cottage garden feel.

5.   On a Cakestand

At Fric and Frac, sisters Rachel and Jennifer suggested cake stands as an alternative to vases.   With the pretty milk glass cake stands as a base, these nosegays look good enough to eat!

What’s your favorite way to showcase summertime blooms?