5 Ways to Decorate with Paint Sticks

 You know how much I love getting something for free and figuring out a way to fix it up into something pretty or useful.  I’m always stopping by the paint department of my local hardware store, and every time I buy a can of paint, it comes with a small stack of paint stirring sticks.  One day it dawned on me that those paint sticks gathering dust in my garage were actually pre-cut and pre-measured pieces of free, quality wood, and a world of possibilities opened up before me!  I’ve since used those paint sticks to organize my kitchen and my jewelry.  I’m not the only one who has figured out that paint sticks = free craft supplies.  Check out these five other creative uses..

1.  Make a Pendant Light

Enjoying the Simple Things created a unique look using stained paint sticks to make this pendant light.  I love how the curves on the paint stick create pretty points of light.

2.  Craft a Faux Weathervane

Tracy saw a weather vane in the Ballard Designs catalog and fell in love.  She figured out how to recreate the design using paint sticks and other household items.  See how she did it at Tracy’s Trinkets & Treasures.

3.  Hang a Backdrop

I adore this ombre backdrop made of paint sticks at Pure Joy Events.   It totally goes with the beachy theme of the party, but I think it would look great hanging on the wall as a piece of artwork or a backdrop for photos, too.

4.  Revamp a Tabletop

A few paint sticks were all it took for Sweet Charli to give this small table a makeover.  Those simple sticks add a lot of dimension and texture to what would be a ho-hum piece of furniture, otherwise.  (Check out all of the other paint stick projects at this site, too!)

5.  Get a Sunburst Mirror

Our Humble A{Bowe}d found a great way to repurpose paint sticks by turning them into an eye-catching sunburst mirror.  There’s an easy to follow tutorial to show you how this mirror was crafted for just $3.

Have you found any other ways to repurpose your paint sticks?

Image credit for Pinterest-friendly feature picture: Pure Joy Events

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