5 Ways to Decorate Easter Eggs

Eggs are staples when it comes to decorating for Easter. Why you may ask? In many cultures, eggs symbolize new life and rebirth. For Christians, the Easter egg is a symbol of Christ’s resurrection and our new life through Christ. I mean isn’t that what Easter is all about? Today’s post focuses on five ways to decorate Easter eggs.

1. Colorful Canvas Easter Eggs

Seriously, how many plastic Easter eggs do you have stored away somewhere? I know that I have somehow ended up with a truckload! Why not dress them up with a little canvas and paint by following Alisa’s tutorial for colorful canvas Easter eggs? I mean look at these bright beauties…

Canvas Easter Eggs

2. Pearl Cross Easter Egg

I love this pearl cross Easter egg that Jeanne Winters made with papier mache eggs, a little acrylic paint, and pearls. They are simple, classic, and honor the reason we celebrate Easter in the first place. The added touch of the ribbon and pewter vase makes for a beautiful display!

3. Decoupaged Easter Eggs

Jen from Tater Tots and Jello made these gorgeous decoupaged eggs using papier mache eggs, patterned scrapbook paper, and Mod Podge (of course)! I love the combination of colors and patterns. What a fun way to liven up your space for Easter!

4. Silk Tie Easter Eggs

Would you have ever guessed these eggs were dyed using silk ties?!? If you’re wondering how, check out Heather’s tutorial at Dollar Store Crafts. These eggs won’t cost you much to outfit if you have some silk ties or blouses on hand. Hmmm… it may be time to raid Grandpa and Grandma’s closet!

Tie Dyed Easter Eggs

5. Whitewashed Concrete Eggs

I LOVE these vintage inspired whitewashed concrete eggs that K at Vintage Skye made. Yes, she literally made these things out of concrete! I love the rustic look and soft tone. It is an added bonus that they are versatile enough to remain out after Easter.

Concrete Easter Eggs

So how can you adorn your home this Easter season with symbols of new life?

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