5 Ways to Cut Down on Mail

If you have kids in grade school then you receive a countless amount of paper.   If you don’t have a plan it can pile up.   Then on top of all that you receive an insane amount of mail.   If you don’t have a plan for that then those pile on top of school papers and all of the sudden it looks like this.


Today’s post is 5 Ways to cut down on the amount of mail you receive.

1.   Get rid of of all credit card offers. If you are on “the list” you get 1-5 of these offers a week in your mailbox.   Credit card companies are chomping at the bit to get you into debt.   Here is an Opt Out Website that you can go to stop those offers from coming in the mail for 5 years or permanently. cut-credit-card2.   Elect to not receive phone books. I haven’t used a phone book in years with the onslaught of information you can find on the internet.   You don’t have to throw those huge books away, instead opt to not receive them.   Click here to be removed from the delivery list.phonebooks

3. Stop receiving unwanted catalogs. You got on the list somehow, didn’t you?   Somewhere, somehow you purchased something and now you are on every mailing list for gidgets, gadgets and gizmos.   Click here to get your name off that list. I have no idea how I got on BevMo’s mailing list.   I just used this service to get rid of that catalog.


4.   Waive that warranty card. When you buy a new toaster don’t be tempted to return the warranty card.   “Warranty cards are primarily used by the product’s manufacturer to profile you,” explains California identity-theft attorney Mari Frank. “They will then sell that information to others, who in turn send you mailings for their own products and services. That’s why warranty cards so often ask you for your household income, how many kids you have, what your hobbies and interests are. Provided you keep the receipt, a product remains under warranty for the designated period whether you return the warranty card or not.


5. Stop receiving Val Pak. Some of you may like the Val-Pak.   For those that throw it away every time you see it then get rid of it by going to this site. valpak

What ways do you tame the paper monster in your home?