5 Ways to Create an Outdoor Beverage Station

Summer is here, and maybe that means you’ll be taking the opportunity to host a few outdoor parties.  Whether al fresco dining for you is on a suburban deck, lake house dock , small-town front porch,  or a high-rise balcony in the city, you’ll want your guests to be refreshed.  A clever way to provide everything they need for liquid refreshment in one spot is a beverage station.  This can be as simple as a spot to keep all the soda cans chilled or as elaborate as a mini-bar where they can create their own mixed drinks.  Either way, it’s a fun way to make sure your guests have easy access when they need to quench their thirst.  I’ve been seeing a lot of great ideas for building drink stations lately, so I thought it would be fun to share some of them with you.  Here are 5 Ways to Create an Outdoor Beverage Station.


1.  From a Tea Trolley


I featured this sweet little lemonade stand by Desire Empire over at Roadkill Rescue.  The lemon yellow paint color is perfect, don’t you think?  And I love the way this station is accessorized.

2.  From a Bucket


Or several buckets, that is.  This creative beverage station from Lil’ Luna is a terrific idea for a backyard bash.  Made from galvanized buckets and plumbing supplies, it’s sturdy enough to stand on it’s own in the grass.

3. From an Old Door


Finding Home came up with this amazing project, which I featured at Roadkill Rescue.  Using pieces of architectural salvage, they built a place to keep all the drinks handy in their outdoor living space.  This one has some handy details, like several built-in bottle openers.

4.  From a Wire Shelving Unit


If the structure of this bar cart seems familiar, it’s because it was originally a simple wire shelving unit, like those that can be found at just about any big box store.  To dress it up for serving drinks, Your Southern Peach painted it gold and added cute accessories.

5. From a Sewing Table


With a little creativity, you can turn just about any piece of furniture into a beverage station.  It’s a great way to give new life to a rescued piece of furniture.  Take this former sewing table, for instance, that Sweet C’s Designs turned into a beverage cooler/station and shared with us on Roadkill Rescue.

Are these beverage stations making you thirsty?  They are definitely making me reevaluate my stash of rescued furniture.  I wonder if I have something that would work……What about you?  Is an outdoor drink station on your list of future projects?