5 Ways to Craft With Trash

This week I’ve focused on how to upcycle cereal boxes, as Earth Day is coming up next Friday, April 22nd. Today over 140 nations around the world celebrate their own form of the holiday. Isn’t it cool how people around the world have banded together for the sake of our awesome planet? Reusing is one way we can make a difference, so today’s post features five ways to turn everyday trash items into Earth-friendly crafts.

1. Tin Can Caddy

We all probably trash (or recycle hopefully!) at least a few tin cans each week. Why not turn them into a chic storage solution? I love this tin can caddy created by Cynthia Shaffer. Cynthia decked out her tin cans with fabric and Mod Podge. Don’t you love how the caddy turns? This would also be super cute for a children’s craft table. Check out Cynthia’s tutorial to see the details.

Tin can organizer-072

2. Egg Carton Floral Centerpiece

Christina from Intimate Weddings created floral centerpieces by painting egg carton cups and then cutting them into various flower shapes. To add a little character, she inserted vintage buttons into the centers. What a fun, colorful craft that’s perfect for spring!


3. Plastic Bottle Wreath

Michele from Michele Made Me made this plastic bottle wreath using plastic bottles (of course) and packing tape. I really like the spindly details. They add to the breath-like and airy quality of using plastic bottles.

Plastic Bottle Wreath

4. Soda Can Flower Brooch

My hubby is a Diet Coke drinker, so we have a few soda cans in our recycling bin. Craftstylish featured Diane Gilleland’s tutorial for making spring flower brooches from soda cans. I love her use of coordinating beads in the center. If you have little ones and are concerned about sharp edges, you may want to consider using the flower to add flair to a decorative item such as a frame.

Tin Can Flower

5. Cereal Box Mosaic

A couple of summers ago Isaac and I created this chalkboard as a place to write his Bible verses. Isaac helped me cut our stash of cereal boxes into little squares and rectangles which we Mod Podged on to an IKEA frame I had on hand. I LOVE how fun and colorful it is and the fact that we found a way to reuse some of our zillion cereal boxes. Can you tell we are cereal junkies?

Cereal Box Mosaic

How do you upcycle everyday trash items?

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