5 Ways to Cook a Turkey

In the United States, our Thanksgiving Day is just days away.  Traditionally, we gather with family and friends for a feast of thanksgiving, and the classic entree is turkey.  If you’ve ever hosted a Thanksgiving dinner, you know the pressure is on to place the perfect turkey on the table.  Since turkey isn’t something we’re used to cooking every day, it can be a bit intimidating when you do–especially if you are a first-timer!  Or maybe you’re an old pro when it comes to turkeys, but you want to go out on a limb with the bird this year and try something new.  Friend, I’ve got your back, because today I’m featuring five different and delicious ways to cook a turkey.


1.  Glazed with Honey and Herbs


This recipe from Taste and Tell has me wishing I could stick a fork into my screen and take a bit of this!  Glazed with honey and herbs, Deborah swears this is a no-fail, super easy method for cooking a turkey.

2. Smoked


Want to serve up Thanksgiving with Southern flair?  Oh, Sweet Basil has all the instructions you need for smoking a turkey.  Yum!

3. Roasted with Mayonnaise


Sounds crazy, right?  But She Wears Many Hats swears that the finished product doesn’t taste like mayo and is moist and delicious.  The herb crust on this one looks divine.

4.  Slow Cooked


Cooking just the breast of a turkey is a fantastic option if your gathering is small.  Less bird means it should fit in a crockpot, so this recipe from Jamie Cooks It Up is perfect.  The fact that this one is cooked with cranberries has my mouth watering….

5. Roasted with Herb Butter


Probably the most traditional of the recipes I’m sharing today, this one from Cookin’ Canuck is stuffed with shallots and coated with herbed butter before going into the oven.  If it tastes as delectable as it looks, this one is definitely a contender.

Okay, those of you who are veteran turkey stuffers, share your best tips and recipes with the rest of us in the comments.  Have you ever had any turkey disasters?  Share those with us, too, so we can have a good laugh!