5 Ways for Wood Pallet Recycling

If you are like most DIY decorators, you may not have realized that the alley behind your local grocery store is a source for trendy, new design accessories! Repurposing wood pallets into pieces of furniture or art is an inexpensive and relatively easy way to insert texture, visual interest, and green living into your decor. Usually free for the taking, wooden shipping pallets are available in standard sizes and with a naturally weathered, shabby-chic patina. Take a look at the following 5 ways to transform these workhorses into fabulous furnishings.

1. Shelving

This pallet went from carrying audio equipment for a church to displaying pictures and mementos on the wall.   Find out how free junk became floating shelves at Amanda Carver Designs.  

2. Coffee Table

You’ve seen the pictures of pallet coffee tables online, but you may not have realized how simple it is to make your own.   At Papernstitch Blog, Luisa provides an easy-to-follow tutorial for transforming wood pallets into a custom coffee   table.  

3.   Desks and Tables

Over at Funky Junk Interiors, Donna turned wood pallets into office furniture.   Take a look at how she took advantage of the old wood to create a custom-size desk perfect for her rustic decor.  

4. Panelling

A Mom and Her Drill is here to prove that the decorating uses of wood pallets shouldn’t be limited to furnishings.   Katy repurposed pallets into this gorgeous, panelled accent wall in her living room.  

5.   Containers

Check out this primitive box that used to be part of a wood pallet.   This and several other fun containers were crafted by Jaime of That’s My Letter.   She’s turned pallet scraps into a variety of storage and decor solutions.  

It seems like the ways to salvage wooden pallets are limitless in the world of design and decor!   What’s the best idea you’ve seen?