12 Upcycled T-Shirt Ideas

I am a sucker for upcycling. There is something so thrilling about taking something destined for Goodwill or a landfill and recreating it again. As I was purging my t-shirt collection and my husband’s, I thought…

what to do with old tshirts

Turns out, a whole lot! This week I have gathered some fun upcycled t-shirt ideas for you that I can’t wait to show you. 

Ombre Fringe Skirt

Ruffled T-Shirt for Mom

Ruffled Dress 

Side Gathered Shirt

Recycled T-Shirt Product Bags

I thought this one was genius. Get rid of all those unnecessary plastic shopping bags and instead recycle an old t-shirt. 

T-Shirt Dog Toy

Even the family pet can benefit from your recycling!

Super Simple Leggings

You can never have to many leggings!

Colorful Recycled T-Shirt Rug

Contrasting Sleeve Top

Simple Kid’s Dress

Boot Socks

Betsy Ross Baby

This is so adorable and perfect for the Fourth of July!

Aren’t those fun ideas? Which one are you going to try first?? 

This is a repost that has been updated from 2014 and continues to be a very popular blog post. That goes to show, that as long as there are t-shirts, there are fun, new ideas to repurpose them! 

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