Halloween Monster Burgers – Infarrantly scary

It is this time of the year again and oh my Gosh I love it so much. These Halloween Monster Burgers are so fun and easy to make! I have used one Gluten-Free bun and one normal bun in this video below. And I have listened to my son who suggested a 3 eyed monster. {…Read More…}

Antoni Porowski’s Cauliflower Steaks Recipe So Yummy [Video]

I saw this Cauliflower Steaks recipe in Pinterest and have been a while wanting to try it. My interest in more conscious and healthy eating has been increasing exponentially in the last few years. Personally, I am not a fan of meat substitutes or rather “No-meat” meat (yikes!). Apparently was created by Antoni Porowski who {…Read More…}


As an Ikea fan and a crazy craft lady, I can’t help it. I feel so crafty when the fall is coming! It is time to get these hands to work. A couple of years ago my daughter was using this Ikea Micke small desk but as she got a bit older, it obviously got {…Read More…}

Granite cookware – is it worth the investment?

It is time to update some of our cookware although I am keeping a few oldies I inherited from Grandma. It turns out it is quite a thing to cook with these granite sets and even trendy so did a quick research.  I have bumped into this CAROTE Nonstick Granite Cookware Set which is very {…Read More…}